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From: Matthew Heon <notifications at github.com>
Date: Fri, Jun 25, 2021, 17:04
Subject: [containers/podman] Release v3.2.2 - v3.2.2
To: containers/podman <podman at noreply.github.com>
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v3.2.2 <https://github.com/containers/podman/releases/tag/v3.2.2>

Repository: containers/podman <https://github.com/containers/podman> · Tag:
v3.2.2 <https://github.com/containers/podman/tree/v3.2.2> · Commit: d577c44
· Released by: mheon <https://github.com/mheon>

   - Podman's handling of the Architecture field of images has been
   relaxed. Since 3.2.0, Podman required that the architecture of the image
   match the architecture of the system to run containers based on an image,
   but images often incorrectly report architecture, causing Podman to reject
   valid images (#10648 <https://github.com/containers/podman/issues/10648>
   and #10682 <https://github.com/containers/podman/issues/10682>).
   - Podman no longer uses inotify to monitor for changes to CNI
   configurations. This removes potential issues where Podman cannot be run
   because a user has exhausted their available inotify sessions (#10686


   - Fixed a bug where the podman cp would, when given a directory as its
   source and a target that existed and was a file, copy the contents of the
   directory into the parent directory of the file; this now results in an
   - Fixed a bug where the podman logs command would, when following a
   running container's logs, not include the last line of output from the
   container when it exited when the k8s-file driver was in use (#10675
   - Fixed a bug where Podman would fail to run containers if
   systemd-resolved was incorrectly detected as the system's DNS server (
   #10733 <https://github.com/containers/podman/issues/10733>).
   - Fixed a bug where the podman exec -t command would only resize the
   exec session's TTY after the session started, leading to a race condition
   where the terminal would initially not have a size set (#10560
   - Fixed a bug where Podman containers using the slirp4netns network mode
   would add an incorrect entry to /etc/hosts pointing the container's
   hostname to the wrong IP address.
   - Fixed a bug where Podman would create volumes specified by images with
   incorrect permissions (#10188
   <https://github.com/containers/podman/issues/10188> and #10606
   - Fixed a bug where Podman would not respect the uid and gid
options to podman
   volume create -o (#10620
   - Fixed a bug where the podman run command could panic when parsing the
   system's cgroup configuration (#10666
   - Fixed a bug where the remote Podman client's podman build -f - ...
   command did not read a Containerfile from STDIN (#10621
   - Fixed a bug where the podman container restore --import command would
   fail to restore checkpoints created from privileged containers (#10615
   - Fixed a bug where Podman was not respecting the TMPDIR environment
   variable when pulling images (#10698
   - Fixed a bug where a number of Podman commands did not properly support
   using Go templates as an argument to the --format option.


   - Fixed a bug where the Compat Inspect endpoint for Containers did not
   include information on container healthchecks (#10457
   - Fixed a bug where the Libpod and Compat Build endpoints for Images did
   not properly handle the devices query parameter (#10614


   - Fixed a bug where the Makefile's make podman-remote-static target to
   build a statically-linked podman-remote binary was instead producing
   dynamic binaries (#10656
   - Updated the containers/common library to v0.38.11


This release has 2 assets:

   - Source code (zip)
   - Source code (tar.gz)

Visit the release page
<https://github.com/containers/podman/releases/tag/v3.2.2> to download them.

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