[pkg-go] Following up on my recent note

Shally Steckerl shally.steckerl at rewardstyle.com
Wed Mar 23 22:38:11 GMT 2022

Hi Vishvananda, I am following up on a note I recently sent you asking if we could connect as I would really appreciate just a few moments of your time in the hopes that you could point me in the right direction to network with backend engineers familiar with developing in (or willing to learn) Go.

LTK (formerly rewardStyle) is a "sleeper" company. We have grown profitably and without raising significant capital to become the global market leader for creator commerce.

We did not need the money, but recently raised $300M from Softbank to accelerate our path to market / going public. This will supercharge the development of new technology for creators, brands and shoppers. We’re a $2B growing unicorn, ready for enormous scale.

But enough about us… I was writing to you to find out what it would take for you to consider introducing us to people who you think may be ready to dive into such a challenge. I am particularly interested in having our hiring managers connect with folks who have scaled shopping, marketplace, platform or other commercial apps in AWS environment s and have either programmed in Go, or similar languages such as Python, Rust, C or C++.

>From a quick glance at your online footprint it seems to me you may just be the kind of person to make such recommendations. Is that correct?

May I enlist your help in transforming commerce with creator-guided shopping?

Let me know what you decide,


Head of Global Talent Sourcing
+1.678.575.6960 ( sms:16785756960 )
LTK ( http://www.shopltk.com/ ) | LTK Careers ( https://company.shopltk.com/en/careers )
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