[pkg-go] Bug#1009776: podman: Packages uidmap and slirp4netns should be full dependencies

Andrej Shadura andrew.shadura at collabora.co.uk
Fri May 6 17:51:46 BST 2022

On Sun, 17 Apr 2022 15:48:38 +0200 "Cal." <peppecal at gmail.com> wrote:
> My thinking was more along the lines of "If I'm going to run this as
> root, I might as well run docker." And I saw podman rootless mode
> kinda equivalent to the docker group when using docker. (But I am a
> novice with podman, I pretty much just discovered it.)
> If you want some comparisons, on Fedora podman rootless just works (I
> don't actually know want dependencies they install, because I use it
> to run one-off containers on my laptop -- the servers run docker)
> The errors were not that cryptic by themselves but required some
> googling to understand what binaries were missing and what packages
> provided them. I think adding some instructions on the wiki
> (https://wiki.debian.org/Podman) should be enough if dependencies are
> to be minimal.

Indeed. When I ran into this in #983395, I was told here I’m supposed to 
use sudo (or install Recommends, which IIRC are disabled in Docker 
images), while the upstream told me I should use rootless mode. 
Eventually I managed to get a change merged to improve the error 
message, but I still find this a bit suboptimal. Just installing the 
package should make the most desired mode work without fiddling with it, 
and the upstream states that mode is rootless mode, hence uidmap and its 
friend should be in Depends, not Recommends.


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