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Wed Jul 27 11:03:28 BST 2022


We have no intention of wasting your time.

We give out loans to individuals and companies. The interest rate will be 2% annually. We have capacity to finance projects in these fields; real estate development, construction, mining, oil and gas, airline and various trading. If interested, Please provide the following:

1- Full name:
2- Loan amount required:
3- Payback Duration (1 – 30 Years):
4- Phone Number / WhatsApp Number:

I will send you the loan terms and condition once I receive the above information.

Your refund plan starts after 6 months (6 months grace period).

  Funding will take approximately 7 banking days from the day you present your loan application.

Reply us for more information.

Yours truly
Uwe Wanner

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