[pkg-go] Bug#1020691: debos should depend on systemd-resolved

Patrice Duroux patrice.duroux at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 18:54:45 BST 2022


> > So far, the package fakemachine Depends on systemd, and that was enough. 
> > Now with the split, and since we need systemd-resolved, we should make 
> > fakemachine Depend on systemd-resolved as well. However, and if I 
> > understand properly, installing systemd-resolved also *enables* it. A 
> > user installing the package is saying: I want name resolution to be done 
> > by systemd-resolved. Therefore it's not really suitable to put it in a 
> > Depend or a Recommend. fakemachine only needs the code from 
> > systemd-resolved (lib and binary, I suppose), but it definitely doesn't 
> > want to enable it: this decision belongs to the user.
> > 
> > Does that make sense so far?

Many times I have got the same feeling/need about packages like apache2, tomcat,
I would like to install and maintain them up-to-date using their Debian package
distribution, but having a facility to not activate their (default) root/system-
land and provide a facility for a user-land activation.
In general it is possible in fact, I have achieved such for at least the two
apache2 and tomcat ones. I mean for such packages providing a way to activate
them-self in the root/system-land as well as a (general?) facility for a user-
land service. I know that having a general approach to solve this is somehow
infeasible. But despite this could it be really interesting (at least for my
pov) to think about it and therefore a good candidate for a grow-your-idea-for-
Debian-Project ticket?


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