[pkg-go] Bug#1017982: Consul pending upload

Martina Ferrari tina at tina.pm
Tue Oct 18 18:26:15 BST 2022

Hi all,

So I spent a considerable amount of time trying to update consul to fix 
the pending RC bugs.

I have updated the package to 1.9.17, refreshing patches and improving 
the repository structure, but it requires updating a number of 
dependencies (which might break other things like docker.io), and it 
also seems to require an *older* version of grpc. I really don't have 
time to continue pursuing this, so I have dropped Consul support from 
Prometheus instead.

I have pushed my changes to the git repository, in case anybody wants to 
continue the work.

On 12/09/2022 17:41, Martina Ferrari wrote:
> On 10/09/2022 16:13, Nilesh Patra wrote:
>> src:nomad still B-D on consul, although you are right that it is out 
>> of testing, but
>> IIRC it was in a good shape a while ago(but not now), even made it to 
>> last stable.
>> So keeping consul _maybe_ useful (dunno for sure)
>> Also, src:patroni package (still in testing) has a "test-dep" in 
>> d/tests/control on
>> consul, so that'd need to be dropped if you plan to remove it.
> Honestly, I don't have much time or motivation to work on consul. Unless 
> somebody with an interest on it steps up and works on closing the RC 
> bugs, it will end being removed from testing very soon..

Martina Ferrari (Tina)

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