[pkg-go] UV/IR optical windows,lenses vendor

Jessie Wei alan at niceappliances.cn
Sun Jun 18 03:34:22 BST 2023

Hello,Nice day!Jessie Wei from Henan UM optics ltd who works at large optics factory since 2008.Shall we receive your optical windows or lenses products inquiry?Materials could be optical glass, fused silica, BK7,Corning7980, CaF2,BaF2, Silicon,Germanium, Sapphire for windows, lenses, filters, mirrors, prisms etc.Application: thermal imaging, sensor analyzers, infrared windows, laser system, camera lenses, defense system,FTIR analyzers etc.Business scope:1. Optical components: Customized optical windows, lenses, mirrors, prisms, wafers. (1.5 Million pcs yearly)2. Material growing: infrared optical CaF2, MgF2, BaF2, Silicon,Germanium. (120tons yearly ).3. Optical coating: AR/AR, AR/DLC, mirror coating, etc. (6 sets coating chambers)4. Working materials: optical glass, fused silica,CaF2, MgF2, ZnSe, ZnS, Si, Ge, Sapphire. (VUV, UV, IR, SWIR, LWIR wavelength)Do you need catalog?Thanks!Jessie Wei (Export sales manager)Henan UM Optics Ltd Address:No.100, Light Industrial Park, Shangcheng County,Henan Province, 465350, ChinaTel: +86-0335-7526183   Mob.(Whatsapp): +86-18630325339 Email: jessie.wei at umoptics.comhttp://tracking.niceappliances.cn/tracking/click?d=le8H8L_0PpYjhVbgLzvp5nYiQ4plDFr2dzgpG_O9a4O5SnrXdkzNxg4iSx3ITLru9D4TtTAxGLyGAcPsxIK2L1Q7qahB4cuDvs04ExchGnjve6yC4fFNGB8pFr3MYp_T25ml07fzCH7iB7Rq463H3C01: laser world of photonics exhibition in Munich Germany on June 27-30th 2023, Stand No.: A2-141/1I will be there, shall we meet in Germany?
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