[pkg-go] Bug#1034590: precedence of /etc/containers/storage.conf should higher than /usr/share/containers/storage.conf

鐘翊修 obarisk at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 22:35:46 BST 2023


    |   Before upgrade to 4.4.0+ds1-1 (4.3)      |        4.4.0+
/etc/containers/strorage.conf            |   use btrfs |        btrfs
/usr/share/containers/storage.conf  |   use 
overlayfs                                                 | overlayfs


When use 4.3, podman takes /etc/containers/storage.conf, so the storage 
is btrfs.
But after upgrade 4.4.0+ (at least when it was April).
Podman takes values in /usr/share/containers/storage.conf instead of 
/etc/containers/strorage.conf (wrong behavior)
So just get the following

User-selected graph driver \"overlay\" overwritten by graph driver \"btrfs\" from database

That is the observed error. But not expected error.

The expected behavior is

Podman follows man 5 containers-storage.conf.
Prefer values from /etc/containers/storage.conf.

After version upgrade from 4.3 to 4.4, no configuration required, no 
reset required.

Faidon Liambotis 於 2023/7/15 02:02 寫道:
> Control: tags -1 moreinfo
> On Wed, Apr 19, 2023 at 09:24:21AM +0800, 鐘翊修 wrote:
>> following man 5 containers-storage.conf,
>> when a system have both /etc/containers/storage.conf and /usr/share/containers/storage.conf
>> the values in /etc/containers/storage.conf overwrite the value in /usr/share/containers/storage.conf
>> But in 4.4.0+ds1-1. with both files, podman takes the config from /usr/share/containers/stroage.conf
>> To reproduce this
>> Create podman graph database on podman 4.3.1 with btrfs (config in /etc/containers/storage.conf)
>> upgrade from 4.3.1 to 4.4.0
>> run the following command
>> sudo podman info
>> expected error message
>> User-selected graph driver \"overlay\" overwritten by graph driver \"btrfs\" from database
> I'm not sure I follow. Could you elaborate on the exact steps you took?
> Do you mean that you expected to get this error message but didn't, or
> that you got that error message even though you shouldn't have?
> Are you aware that you need to run "podman system reset" before changing
> storage.conf? See podman-system-reset(1).
> Thanks,
> Faidon

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