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Joaquin Barron joaquin.b at primepartnersconsult.com
Sat Aug 5 17:17:28 BST 2023

Good day,
I hope our email finds you well. I wish to inform you my client(Licensed Bank Instrument Provider) deliver leased/purchased Bank guarantee/standby letter of credit(BG/SBLC), fresh cut issuance by HSBC,Barclays bank,Deutsche bank and BNP Paribas to organizations or individuals with their preferred text verbiage approved by their bank, it's cash backed unconditionally transferable, assignable, callable and authentication verifiable bank to bank. Our terms and procedures are workable by RWA clients who can use our instruments for viable business transactions such as cash back facilities, Credit enhancement, international trade, PPP and project funding.
Our BG/SBLC instrument leasing price is 6% while the purchasing price is 30% depending on your particular area of usage as my deals are direct with top bank executives who have bestowed an unquantifiable trust in me having carried out large volumes of transactions with them in the past and at present.
1. Instrument: Bank Guarantee (BG)/SBLC 
2. Age: One Year, One Day (extendable allowed)
1) Contract is signed between the Lessor and Lessee.
2) Lessor's bank conducts due diligence.
3) Lessor's bank sends RWA to Lessee's bank through bank to bank secured fax.
4) Lessee pays Security deposit to Lessor(Security deposit request is non-negotiable)
5) Lessor's bank delivers SWIFT MT799/760 to Lessee's bank.
6) Lessee's bank confirms the receipt of MT799/MT760, Lessee is given 15 banking days to pay the leasing fee. 
If you are interested in the above offer and procedure/terms are acceptable to you, then please get back to me for proper introduction and commence immediate procedural steps that will enhance a smooth conclusion of your transaction and relate your seriousness to our able provider.
Note: This information is not for sale, If there is no interest, please delete and notify me to remove you from our mailing list.
Best regards,

Joaquin Barron
Prime Partners Consulting Firm LLC
292 Fairview School Rd Demorest, 
GA, 30535-3008 United States
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