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From: Ashley Cui <acui at redhat.com>
Date: Mon, Jan 22, 2024, 21:00
Subject: [Podman] Podman v4.9.0 Released
To: <Podman-Desktop at redhat.com>, <podman at lists.podman.io>

We’re excited to announce that Podman v4.9.0 has been released! Here's
what's new:


   - The podman farm suite of commands for multi-architecture builds is now
   fully enabled and documented.
   - Add a network recovery service to Podman Machine VMs using the QEMU
   backend to detect and recover from an inoperable host networking issues
   experienced by Mac users when running for long periods of time.


   - Fixed a bug where the HyperV provider for podman machine did not
   forward the API socket to the host machine.
   - Fixed a bug where improperly formatted annotations passed to podman
   kube play could cause Podman to panic.
   - Fixed a bug where podman system reset could fail if non-Podman
   containers (e.g. containers created by Buildah) were present.


   - Containers run in podman machine VMs now default to a PID limit of
   unlimited, instead of 2048.

 Try it out and let us know what you think!

Ashley Cui
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