Bug#743489: license issues

Markus Wanner markus at bluegap.ch
Sat Apr 5 19:55:38 UTC 2014


I took some time reviewing your changes to the postgis package.

Thanks again for assembling a new tarball and incorporating the

For pgapt, it's beneficial if you do not change the release to
"unstable" until you really intend to release. Because there, we have
special logic that automatically creates increasing ~git-$REVID revision

I admittedly didn't know cme, and I'm willing to learn. However, it a)
made reviewing a lot harder than necessary and b) broke things. Please
do such reformatting only after modifications have settled and other
maintainers agree to the change. So as to prevent conflicts with other's
work and ease review.

That change hides an increase in the required gdal version, which broke
wheezy, saucy and precise on pgapt. As I couldn't immediately figure out
how to let cme only do the reformatting (or do anything useful at all),
I had a pretty hard time comparing the two control files. In the end, I
simply reverted to the last known-working version and manually re-added
(hopefully) all of the required and good changes, manually. (In
addition, I don't like the uneven indentation with so many spaces...
looks weird IMO. But again, feel free to raise arguments for using cme.)

Why did you add the lintian override? The warning seems perfectly
appropriate to me. It's a debconf template and we should make it
translatable, somehow. I've just been lazy and couldn't figure out how
to do that, yet. Reverted as well.

I triggered another build on pgapt with the control file reverted and
hope to see more green, again.

Oh, and BTW, given it's a new source tarball, I'm not sure I can do the
upload. I'm just a DM. But getting this sponsored shouldn't be an issue.
Thanks again for contributing to the postgis package.



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