Bug#844725: libproj12 should conflict with libproj9

Sebastiaan Couwenberg sebastic at xs4all.nl
Fri Nov 18 17:21:08 UTC 2016

On 11/18/2016 06:02 PM, Gianfranco Costamagna wrote:
>> Why is the old libproj9 still being pulled in via (build) dependencies
>> then? That shows that the transition is not completed yet.
> ok

You have not explained why the old libproj9 is still being pulled in via
the build dependencies on Ubuntu.

>> If you want to prevent both packages from being unpacked at the same
>> time, please add this as an Ubuntu diff to the package. It will fix your
>> issue in Ubuntu (which we don't experience in Debian where the
>> transition was done properly). The Ubuntu diff will have the nice side
>> effect of blocking automatic syncing of new proj revisions from Debian,
>> causing the proj package in Ubuntu to become outdated which hopefully
>> triggers people to start helping maintain the GIS packages in Ubuntu.
> I know how Ubuntu works, the only reason for you not experiencing this issue
> is that autopkgtestsuite isn't run or at least is not a blocker for a testing
> migration.
> I know the situation auto-heals by itself at the end (like it did already),
> but this will become a blocker one day if Debian starts doing autopkgtests.

How are autopkgtests causing the old packages to be pulled in when the
transition has been completed in Ubuntu?

>> I do blame Ubuntu, I'm greatly unhappy about my packages not being
>> maintained in Ubuntu but still being included in their repository.
> they are maintained and they still work completely, I don't understand your point
> and I find it completely invalid, because also debian sid is broken in the middle
> of a transition, I don't really get the point.

You are contradicting yourself. First you claimed that the transition
was completed, now you're implying that it's still ongoing.

My point is that Ubuntu includes all packages from Debian, and most of
them in universe because it cannot support them all. Because there are
no people actively maintaining those package, like coordinating
transitions and handling bugs, the packages are prone to cause issues.
MOTU tries to deal with the many packages in universe, but is unable to
cope with them all.

> Openssl is broken since almost one month, should I say the same about Debian?

Yes, the openssl situation in unstable is good example of fallout caused
by a badly thought out transition. openssl 1.1.0 shouldn't have been
made the default because it was known many packages did not support it yet.

>> I appreciate you trying to coordinate this issue with the maintainers in
>> Debian, this is very uncommon and a source of my displeasure about Ubuntu.
> it is completely common to transition packages, and to coordinate them
> in the same way Debian does, and since there is no "testing" or "sid",
> it is not so important if a transition takes some days more to finish, specially
> when full autopkgtests needs to run to make it migrate, and it works better
> than Debian, since we can spot build or test failures even with a non-completely
> migrated combination of packages (specially when many transitions are entangled,
> the testsuite needs to run against -proposed packages to pick also the ongoing work)
>> python-pyproj (in Debian) has a dependency on libproj12 which is
>> correct, there are other packages in Ubuntu which are still pulling in
>> the old library because the transition has not been completed yet.
> there are none.

Why is libproj9 still being pulled in via the dependencies?

>> The old gdal packages are likely still pulling in the old libproj,
>> because the gdal transition is still ongoing and so only the gdal in
>> proposed depends on libproj12.
> gdal is finished, will migrate when other transitions ends

The transition tracker disagrees, mysql-workbench is still marked as bad.

>> When the proj transition is done properly in Ubuntu, none of its rdeps
>> will pull in libproj9 and resolve your issue.
> it is properly done, and ended already, waiting for other transitions to end

Why is libproj9 still being pulled in via the dependencies?

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