Bug#844725: libproj12 should conflict with libproj9

Gianfranco Costamagna locutusofborg at debian.org
Tue Nov 22 08:53:13 UTC 2016


>You have not explained why the old libproj9 is still being pulled in via

>the build dependencies on Ubuntu.

because the testsuite is not ran by default against every "proposed" package,
but against release pocket
(you can call them testing and unstable if you like)
This is done because we want to test the single change, not against something huge that
might have a lot of regressions or ongoing transitions.
>How are autopkgtests causing the old packages to be pulled in when the
>transition has been completed in Ubuntu?

same as above, to see regressions usually the best way is to restrict changes
to the bare minimum

>You are contradicting yourself. First you claimed that the transition
>was completed, now you're implying that it's still ongoing.

rebuilds are complete, to migrate it still needs some other transitions to finish.
-release is ok with the old library
-proposed is ok with the new library.
So, the transition is finished, but needs migration because of something else.

>My point is that Ubuntu includes all packages from Debian, and most of
>them in universe because it cannot support them all. Because there are
>no people actively maintaining those package, like coordinating
>transitions and handling bugs, the packages are prone to cause issues.
>MOTU tries to deal with the many packages in universe, but is unable to
>cope with them all.

they can cope with this one.

>Yes, the openssl situation in unstable is good example of fallout caused
>by a badly thought out transition. openssl 1.1.0 shouldn't have been
>made the default because it was known many packages did not support it yet.

this is true, I hope I don't get autoremovals because of this, even if
release acked special unblocks for them :)
(it would have been unfair otherwise)

>Why is libproj9 still being pulled in via the dependencies?

because of testsuite confined to -release
>The transition tracker disagrees, mysql-workbench is still marked as bad.

I don't see any mysql-workbench here, anyhow, the reason for it not migrating is:
some rebuilds are still ongoing (for other entangled transitions), some architectures
needs fix/removals/decruft for other stuff


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