Bug#541737: grub-pc: long delay before menu

Johan Kullstam kullstj-nn at comcast.net
Sun Aug 16 01:18:40 UTC 2009

Package: grub-pc
Severity: normal

When I boot, I get hit with a very long delay before grub shows its

First, I get to look at a heading with GRUB Version 1.96 with a paragraph
about minimal bash editing.  This lasts for nearly 60 seconds.

Next, the screen is black.   This lasts for pretty much exactly 60
seconds by my watch.  The exactness seems to suggest a time-out of some

After the two minutes of waiting, I get a menu and can boot like usual.
This is, therefore, not crippling my system, but it sure is annoying.

I have seen another report of this, but that person was able to
re-install grub and it went away for them.  I have tried to use
grub-install to put grub on the MBR.  This didn't help.

How can I debug this issue?

For what it's worth, I am running Version: 1.96+20090808-1.
Something is messed up with debian-el and reportbug.  Thus there are no
package versions auto-attached.  I filed a bug against that earlier today.


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