Bug#542314: Acknowledgement (grub-pc: Default install has set root=(MASS1-usr))

John Goerzen jgoerzen at complete.org
Tue Aug 18 23:38:00 UTC 2009


I believe I have isolated the problems.

It was introduced between 1.96+20090725-1, installed on the working
machine, and the version installed on this one.

It now looks for fonts under /usr.  This has multiple undesirable

For one, it requires lvm to be present.  This makes grub scan the
entire system looking for PVs.  This causes grub to appear to open a
rescue screen and hang.  It also makes the boot process significantly
slower as it spins up drives that otherwise wouldn't need to be.  It
is also possible that the difference is attributable to /usr being on
an encrypted filesystem on the machine where grub is working.

Another problem is that grub has confusion when /boot is on (hd1) and
grub is installed on the MBR of (hd0).  I had to make the BIOS boot
from (hd1) for it to "sort of" work (it spent a long time at a bllank
screen before finally going).  Eventually I was able to move /boot to
(hd0), which fixed the issue.

-- John

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