Bug#544155: [grub-pc] grub update renders system unbootable (unaligned pointer 0x700ba)

Witold Baryluk baryluk at smp.if.uj.edu.pl
Sun Aug 30 21:40:53 UTC 2009

Dnia 2009-08-30, nie o godzinie 21:49 +0200, Felix Zielcke pisze: 
> Witold and Henri, what version do you use? The sid/unstable one (1.96
> +20090826) or the squeeze (1.96+20090808) one?

I'm using unstable one. 1.96+20090826-3.

I just upgraded to 1.92+20090829-1 in unstable. It also gives unaligned
pointer error.

> If sid then please try out the squeeze one. Make sure grub-install gets
> run

still with 1.92+20090829-1, i called manually grub-install /dev/sda.
This also gives unaligned pointer error.

> Maybe it helps if you disable the gfxterm.
> In /etc/default/grub uncomment `GRUB_TERMINAL=console' and run
> update-grub.

Now this is interesting. After following this instructions, grub (still
1.92+20090829-1 from unstable) started working.

Then I downgraded manually to 1.92+20090808-1 from squeeze (by manual
dpkg -i with .deb packages grub-pc and grub-common, and then
additionally grub-install /dev/sda to be sure), to be sure there is no
problem with&without gfxterm enabled. And there is non.

Lastly i reinstalled manually 1.92+20090826-3 and retested it.


1.92+20090808-1 works.
1.92+20090826-3 works only with GRUB_TERMINAL=console
1.92+20090829-1 works only with GRUB_TERMINAL=console

I need to say that in my configuration even 1.92+20090808-1 with
commented out GRUB_TERMINAL (so using gfxterm), grub is still using text
mode (I have installed grub2-splashimages 1.0.0, and it is detected by
update-grub when GRUB_temrinal is commented as providing

I know that grub2 have gfx mode (i have desktop computer which have this
working), but on my laptop it is not working.

So it can be something with gfx modes in thinkpad T4x specifically.

> It would be good if some of you could do a svn-bisect to find the exact
> commit out which broke it.

I can try do do this. Should i start from debian source package and then
bisect using official grub2 svn repository, building for each bisection
step a .deb package?

PS. I hate bisecting kernel or bootloaders. Zylions of reboots :)
(and because of svn, i would need to everytime login fully into gnome,
because of my wifi networking is working only there :/).

Witold Baryluk
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