Bug#342341: eclipse: too many unneeded dependencies

Erwan David erwan at rail.eu.org
Sat Dec 10 22:36:29 UTC 2005

Le Sat 10/12/2005, Michael Koch disait
> I agree with you, Stephan. Tagging it 'wontfix' is the best thing. Or
> just close it. We can either try to ship an Eclipse that works out of
> the box or a an Eclipse that needs much help from the admin to install
> additional stuff that Eclipse not depends on. I prefer to do the first
> as it helps more users then the second option hurts. When we 'fix' this
> bug and downgrade the Depends to Recommends or Suggests we will get bug
> reports from users complaining that Eclipse doesnt work out of the box.

> Cheers,
> Michael
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So you want to oblige people to use the pile of crap that gnome is. MY
freedom is also to NOT use software I think is ill designed and is a danger.

You deny me this right. And you're a liar, I can download upstream eclipse
without using mozilla (you oblige people to install obsolete sqoftware by the
way..) nor gnome.

Imposing gnome for the mime stuff is either a lie or the proof of blatant
incompetency. Mime is handled through the mailcap and mime.types definitions
and the debian package to handle them is mime-support.

PS: I was evaluating debian for the desktops at my work. I must now say that I
cannot suggest it for the developers, we'll stick with other dsitributions
which let people free to choose not to use some software.


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