Bug#454077: maven2: maven-eclipse-plugin does not exist

Amelia A Lewis amyzing at talsever.com
Mon Dec 3 01:48:19 UTC 2007

Dear Paul,

On 2007-12-02 19:31:37 -0500 Paul Cager 
<paul-debian at home.paulcager.org> wrote:
> Amelia A Lewis wrote:
> Amy, if you have loads of spare time would you mind trying with the
> non-Debian version of Maven (e.g. as downloaded from
> http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/ftp.apache.org/maven/binaries/apache-maven-2.0.8-bin.tar.bz2
> )? Only if you have spare time, of course. It might help eliminate /
> incriminate the Debian packaging.

Umm.  I may have to find the cycles for this, but I hope I don't.  I 
don't actually *like* maven, so having it in a debian package (with 
recipes for use at the project wiki) was a lot more bearable than 
gritting my teeth and trying to learn it otherwise.  :-)

>> Is the location of "central" encoded into the binary or the config 
>> files
>> somewhere?  Maybe I could check that?
> I believe it is defined in the "super-pom" held in
> /usr/share/java/maven2.jar (org/apache/maven/project/pom-4.0.0.xml). I
> can't think of any way that could change accidentally.

Okay.  Checked it; it's fine.  May be overridden in the hudson pom, 
but that doesn't really matter (since the override is identical to the 

> In file /etc/maven2/settings.xml is the value of "offline" set to 
> false
> (the default value)?

Apparently.  There's a sample commented out.  No actual content in the 
file; all commented out.

> Are you behind a HTTP proxy or firewall? (My apologies if I am stating
> the obvious).

Well ... the answer isn't terribly obvious.  I'm connected via 
satellite (Hughesnet, may they rot in hell forever).  Their 
"acceleration" technology involves spoofing DNS at least, and probably 
"transparently" proxying http.  I can disable most of this $%^&* most 
of the time, but I would think that a failure of that sort would leave 
a trace in the output (can't resolve repo1.maven.org, for instance).  
So ... I don't think so, because:

(ydhegar)amyzing:/pub/projects/hudson/hudson$ host repo1.maven.org
repo1.maven.org has address

mvn install for hudson (hudson.dev.java.net; it's a continuous 
integration server on the order of cruise control but with less cruft) 
succeeded (with a *lot* of network accesses).

(ydhegar)amyzing:~$ ls .m2/repository/
ant/                commons-cli/          de/             jline/     
antlr/              commons-codec/        dom4j/          jtidy/     
aopalliance/        commons-collections/  doxia/          junit/     
asm/                commons-digester/     findbugs/       log4j/     
avalon-framework/   commons-discovery/    geronimo-spec/  logkit/    
axis/               commons-el/           httpunit/       msv/       
bsh/                commons-fileupload/   isorelax/       mx4j/      
cglib/              commons-httpclient/   javanettasks/   nekohtml/  
ch/                 commons-io/           javax/          net/       
classworlds/        commons-jelly/        jaxen/          org/       
codeviation/        commons-lang/         jdom/           oro/       
com/                commons-logging/      jfree/          pircbot/   
commons-beanutils/  commons-validator/    jivesoftware/   plexus/

Ah ... wait.

(ydhegar)amyzing:~$ ls .m2/repository/org/apache/maven/plugins/
maven-antlr-plugin/      maven-idea-plugin/            maven-plugins/
maven-antrun-plugin/     maven-install-plugin/         
maven-archetype-plugin/  maven-jar-plugin/             
maven-assembly-plugin/   maven-metadata-central.xml    
maven-compiler-plugin/   maven-metadata-java.net2.xml  
maven-eclipse-plugin/    maven-plugin-parent/          
maven-enforcer-plugin/   maven-plugin-plugin/

There it is?

(ydhegar)amyzing:~$ ls 
maven-metadata-central.xml  maven-metadata-java.net2.xml

Hmmmm.  Comparing with the other plugins, it's missing the pom and the 
jar.  Grumble, grumble ... aha!

Delete the directory, try the command again.  Note that the first 
attempt to invoke eclipse:eclipse used this command line (as advised 
in hudson build notes):

mvn -o -DdownloadSources=true eclipse:eclipse

Yes, they advise offline mode.  It appears that this may create the 
directory with inadequate stuff, because once I delete the directory 
and run the command without -o, it succeeds.

Problem solved.  Thank you for your time, and please excuse my 
verbosity.  I recommend:

1) close this bug with no action; it resulted from wrongheaded 
directions supplied by a mavenized project over which Debian has no 

2) note the behavior, in case future bug reports show similar 
symptoms: if a user reports an error of this sort, suggest that they 
try deleting the "problem" directory in their repository, and that 
they verify that they're not running in offline mode (even if the 
project suggests doing so; hudson suggests mvn install and then mvn -o 
-DdownloadSources=true eclipse:eclipse, but since the 
maven-eclipse-plugin isn't installed by mvn install, the offline 
invocation appears to be the thing that stuffs up the repository 
completely).  Or, to shorten the suggestion: ask anyone reporting 
similar behavior to check the content of the directory corresponding 
to the 'not found' dependency; if it contains only *.xml without 
*.pom/*.jar (or a version subdirectory), delete the directory from the 
repo and reinvoke with all possible "offline" flags turned off.

Amelia A. Lewis                    amyzing {at} talsever.com
There's someone in my head, but it's not me.
                 -- Pink Floyd

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