Packaging eclipse 3.4.1 for debian/ubuntu

Pantelis Koukousoulas pktoss at
Wed Dec 10 13:59:11 UTC 2008

> So my first action now was to subscribe to the list.


> I also asked to add myself to the alioth project to be able to commit to
> the development svn.
> I would advise anybody who really intends to be helpful to follow these
> two steps.

I 'm not a debian developer, would it be possible for me to do this?
In any case I think I 'd prefer to keep this "unofficial" at first and commit
to a central repository when we have something reasonably serviceable.

>For the concrete packaging I would at first suggest to clean up the source
>packaging.  Currently the source tarball contains three zip archives from
>completely separate upstream projects.  IMHO this is no optimal packaging
>strategy and I would start by packaging icu4j and jsch separately and
>once this is done create a proper get-upstream-source target for debian/rules
>to enable newcomers to drop in by providing a defined state of work.


Btw, It would be nice if interested people drop by #debian-java in OFTC
to discuss things in  person.


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