Packaging eclipse 3.4.1 for debian/ubuntu

Andreas Tille tillea at
Wed Dec 10 14:06:25 UTC 2008

On Wed, 10 Dec 2008, Pantelis Koukousoulas wrote:

>> So my first action now was to subscribe to the list.
> Done.


> I 'm not a debian developer, would it be possible for me to do this?
> In any case I think I 'd prefer to keep this "unofficial" at first and commit
> to a central repository when we have something reasonably serviceable.

You can do this if you ask for an Alioth guest account first.

> Btw, It would be nice if interested people drop by #debian-java in OFTC
> to discuss things in  person.

I can not IRC at daytime and I hesitate to IRC in my spare time.
I'd be willing to join a meeting at a defined date and time.

Kind regards



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