Bug#621857: dh sequencing isn't the same as cdbs sequencing

Vincent Fourmond fourmond at debian.org
Sat Apr 9 23:02:06 UTC 2011

  Hi !

On 09/04/11 23:01, Niels Thykier wrote:
>>   I've just been hit by a problem with respect to the sequencing in
>> dh:
>> insert_after("jh_installlibs", "jh_classpath");
>> insert_after("jh_classpath", "jh_manifest");
> Actually this was a deliberate choice, but we failed to convert cdbs to
> this as well (see the 0.32 changelog entry).  I will reorder the cdbs
> sequence to match the DH one with the next upload.

  OK. Then please, update the examples in the tutorial to show that you
can't use something like

build/stuff.jar my classpath

  but you should use

usr/share/java/stuff.jar my classpath ?

  (Did I actually get you right here) ?

  That would be very helpful, or, put it another way, not doing it would
be misleading at best :-)...

> If you use the package files (debian/<pkg>.jlibs) then you can skip the
> debian/<pkg> part and you do not have to include the version either,
> since jh_manifest/jh_classpath are able to update manifests via a symlink.
>   I am not sure how jh_manifest handled it before 0.32, but I rewrote it
> in perl, I made sure it worked correctly if it was passed a symlink (and
> jh_classpath uses jh_manifest).
> NB: The dependencies do not change in this case.

  I'm unsure what you mean by that... as fortunately jh_depends is run
after the manifest-tweaking jh_... the depends substvar should be updated ?

> I would also very much like to see greater adoption of javahelper
> through the java packages.  Particularly if we get the Java Library
> Transition part implemented (debated at DebConf10 and on list).

  For that you'll first need that classpath do reflect the actual
dependencies, which I'm afraid is quite wrong (see our exchange on bug
#620829). But I'm ready to invest some time to get that right.



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