Bug#621857: dh sequencing isn't the same as cdbs sequencing

Niels Thykier niels at thykier.net
Sat Apr 16 08:38:55 UTC 2011

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On 2011-04-10 01:02, Vincent Fourmond wrote:
>   Hi !
> On 09/04/11 23:01, Niels Thykier wrote:
>>>   I've just been hit by a problem with respect to the sequencing in
>>> dh:
>>> insert_after("jh_installlibs", "jh_classpath");
>>> insert_after("jh_classpath", "jh_manifest");
>> Actually this was a deliberate choice, but we failed to convert cdbs to
>> this as well (see the 0.32 changelog entry).  I will reorder the cdbs
>> sequence to match the DH one with the next upload.
>   OK. Then please, update the examples in the tutorial to show that you
> can't use something like
> build/stuff.jar my classpath
>   but you should use
> usr/share/java/stuff.jar my classpath ?
>   (Did I actually get you right here) ?
>   That would be very helpful, or, put it another way, not doing it would
> be misleading at best :-)...

Certainly :)

>> If you use the package files (debian/<pkg>.jlibs) then you can skip the
>> debian/<pkg> part and you do not have to include the version either,
>> since jh_manifest/jh_classpath are able to update manifests via a symlink.

I noticed that jh_classpath failed to add the debian/$p, so jh_classpath
is mostly broken in 0.32 - but apparently no one uses it with the dh
sequence since we do not have any RC bugs on it... fun.

>>   I am not sure how jh_manifest handled it before 0.32, but I rewrote it
>> in perl, I made sure it worked correctly if it was passed a symlink (and
>> jh_classpath uses jh_manifest).
>> NB: The dependencies do not change in this case.
>   I'm unsure what you mean by that... as fortunately jh_depends is run
> after the manifest-tweaking jh_... the depends substvar should be updated ?

Come to think of it... I am not even sure what I meant with the last
sentence any more either.

>> I would also very much like to see greater adoption of javahelper
>> through the java packages.  Particularly if we get the Java Library
>> Transition part implemented (debated at DebConf10 and on list).
>   For that you'll first need that classpath do reflect the actual
> dependencies, which I'm afraid is quite wrong (see our exchange on bug
> #620829). But I'm ready to invest some time to get that right.
>   Cheers,
> 	Vincent



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