[Pkg-kde-extras] Reminder

Sun Apr 17 10:36:34 UTC 2011

Good day,  

Compliment Of The Season"

With hope this life changing  proposal will not come to you
as a surprising package since we have not met each other
before,but i know that you can handle this investment which
motivated me to get in touch with you through this means of
electronic mail,How ever I am Mr.Elvis Brown,the associate
director of Fidelity International Investments London,The
World Largest Funds management with over 3.2 Trillion GBP
Capital Investment Funds. Nevertheless, as Fidelity Funds
Manager, i handle all our investors Direct Capital Fund and
secretly extracted 3.2% Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit
(EMRCP) per annum on each of investor's Magellan Capital

  As an expert, i have made over 129.8million Pounds from
the investor's EMCRP and hereby contacting you to stand as
an investor to receive the funds as annual Investment
Proceeds from Fidelity Magellan Capital Funds.

  All conformable documents to back up this claim will be
made available to you prior to your acceptance. Meanwhile, I
have worked out the strategics and technicalities where the
funds can be claimed in any of our 6 clearing houses without
any hitch. Our sharing ratio will be 50-50 while  expenses
during the process of transaction will be based on
individual capability.

 If you are interested in handling this life changing and
promising transaction of mine, please email me your name and
 direct telephone number  for discussion of this deal in
further details.

Best Regards,
Mr.Elvis Brown
Associate Director 

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