[Pkg-kde-extras] Bug#623110: k3b destroys burn-device

Geronimo geronimo013 at arcor.de
Sun Apr 17 12:34:14 UTC 2011

Package: k3b
Version: 2.0.1-2
Severity: important

Normally I manually reduce write speed and always use the slowest possible 
speed. Then I forgot to change that item and startet to write a dvd iso file.
After initial calculcations the spindle accelerated and did not stop 
accelerating. It sounded like the motor must burst - then the PC rebootet.
When system came up again, the burn device dissappeared as soon as I start a 
burn job. The media is useless, as the burn-job has been startet, but not 
When the burn job aborts, the device disappeared and k3b claims, that the 
system has no burn-device.

The (now dead) burn device was a Plextor PX-800A.

So I changed the burn device to a LG GH22LS50 and it happened again, that I 
forgot to limit burn speed (as I did not know the relation of the dead of the 
plextor to the unlimited speed yet, I did not take much care of it... ) again.
This time I could read in the output of k3b (I write it from my mind, as far 
as I remember):
	speed 22x is not supported by media
	speed 22x is not supported by device
	! Change speed to 24x

This time k3b could not destroy the burn device, as it looked like LG checked 
the spindle speed command and did not allow the setting of unsupported speed.
I used media, which is told to support 16x speed, so setting the speed to 24x 
is fatal and wrong!

At first sight, the burned dvd works, but I don't know, how it looks in the age 
of a couple of years...

I know, that k3b is just a frontend to several write engines.
If I remember right, wodim was used as write engine, but may be it is really a 
bug in k3b.

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