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Adeodato Simó asp16@alu.ua.es
Tue, 12 Jul 2005 19:31:35 +0200

* Christopher Martin [Tue, 12 Jul 2005 04:15:50 +0000]:

> Hmmm, at first I leaned towards making all the changes at once, but as the 
> list of changes kept growing, I began to wonder whether a simple gcc 4.0 
> transition upload would be best, since I don't feel I really can myself 
> certify that the changes are quite safe. This would mean two trips through 
> NEW, though.

  I propose this: import pristine 3:3.3.4-3 debian/ from qt-x11-free
  into svn:/trunk/packages/qt-x11-free, and commit the necessary changes
  for the C++ ABI transition and (see below) the x.org transition. Then,
  review your changes under people/, and cherry-pick the most urgent and
  safe ones, and review the rest. What do you think? (But see the end of
  this mail first.)

> All said, I certainly would understand if people wanted to act cautiously.

  Yeah. It's not only being cautious for the sake of it, but in order to
  have Qt sorted ASAP so that we can put KDE 3.4.1 in unstable. After
  that there should be lots of time to improve Qt3...

> BTW, since I'm a little out of the loop (and will be for a few more weeks at 
> least, possibly much longer), how is the gcc4 transition going? Are we 
> close to the point where Qt3 can be uploaded?

  X.org was uploaded to sid yesterday, and I agreed with vorlon that
  we'll upload Qt3 as soon as it's compiled in all architectures.

> Also, are we proceeding under the assumption that Qt3 is ours? I
> haven't heard anything from Madkiss, but perhaps someone else has
> talked to him.

  I've talked with him in private some days ago and he said it was OK.

* Brian Nelson [Mon, 11 Jul 2005 21:40:53 -0700]:

> It looks like the firebird libs need to be transitioned first.

  If we don't get a timely fix from the maintainers (i.e., right before
  we're ready to upload), we'll disable firebird2 support until it gets
  fixed. nchip, isaac and vorlon agree with this. (I'll state this in
  #317314 now.)

> * You changed the "firebird2-dev [darwin-i386 freebsd-i386 ...]"
>   dependency to simply "firebird2-dev [i386]".  Do you know why it was
>   done that way previously and if your change will have any negative
>   effects?
  Guillem Jover confirms that this is wrong. When a patch he's working
  on gets integrated in dpkg, the long list will be substituted by

> * Since you're removing libqt3-dev, you might want to make libqt3-mt-dev
>   provide it.  I'm not entirely sure that's a good idea, but it's
>   something to consider.

                                 * * *

  Let's go over the changes a bit (also, I think it'd be great to mark
  pending this bugs, so that another person trying to skim the list does
  not have a chance to spend time in those which already have a fix; the
  tagpending script from devscripts is handy to do this):

>  * Move the package to the Debian Qt/KDE team. Thanks to Martin Loschwitz for
>    all his work over the years.

  I'd s/team/team, as agreed with the maintainer/. Also, I wouldn't put
  in Uploaders the standard KDE team line, just let anybody feeling like
  it to add himself.

  Changes that can go in for sure, and which I'll cherry pick

>  * Add sundry fixes from KDE's qt-copy. (Closes: #303065)
>  * Fix qt3-designer's appearance in the KDE menu. (Closes: #290402)
>  * Don't use lib64 on amd64. (Closes: #311562)
>  * Add linguist manpage. Thanks to Jeremy Laine. (Closes: #268882)
>  * Don't duplicate the information in the qvfb manpage. (Closes: #282217)

  As Brian said, we'll need PostgreSQL too:

> * You should apply the patch in #317500, or otherwise the package will
>   FTBFS.

  Changes I'll try to review, as requested:

>  * No longer build non-threaded libraries. (Closes: #180326)
>  * Added a libqt3c102-mt-dbg package. (Closes: #235396)
>  * Make the Qt3 documentation available from /usr/share/doc/qt3-doc, and
>    therefore also usable in dwww and doc-central. (Closes: #185900)
>    (Closes: #284407, #294630)
>  * Include createcw source for qt3-designer. (Closes: #305919)
>  * Add missing qvfbhdr.h. (Closes: #182366)
>  * Bump libfreetype6-dev build-depends to >= 2.1.10 to work around API
>    breakage.
>  * Enable tablet support.
>  * Build jpeg and mng support into Qt, not as plugins.
>  * Many minor changes to improve lintian compliance.
>  * Revamp the OpenGL linking patch, and add patches for gcc4.


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