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Christopher Martin chrsmrtn at
Wed Dec 13 00:05:06 CET 2006

On Tuesday 12 December 2006 08:33, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   I just wanted to tell that I'm currently thinking about leaving the
> KDE team, especially because I lately use less and less parts of KDE,
> and even don't use it as my main DM anymore. I've lost quite a lot of
> interest in KDE as a whole.
>   I'll keep up with you until etch is out, and I think that I'll
> leave the team officialy at that point. I'll just follow a bit to
> ensure that our packages in etch remain of good quality. I'm also
> still available to sponsor uploads to anyone I already do, so that
> there is no upload power loss.
>   Thanks a lot for the almost 2 years I had working on kde packages,
> I know there is a lot of skilled and motivated people to follow up,
> so I'm not worried !

It's sad to hear that you're leaving the team, but I understand that 
interests change (and KDE has changed as well, as you say). Thanks for 
all the fantastic work that you've done!

As for me, I thought I should mention (for those not always on IRC) that 
I too will be more or less leaving the Debian/KDE team with the release 
of Etch (the last two months I haven't done much anyway). I still 
really like KDE, but my life has changed, and I just don't have as much 
time to commit to Debian as I used to. I'd really like to keep working 
with the team, but it just isn't possible. I'm really glad to see that 
new members are becoming active, to help replace MadCoder and I. 
Certainly during the last couple of months everyone has been doing 
great work, so I'm confident that the team has a bright future, and I 
certainly hope that you all continue to enjoy working on KDE.

I'll still be a DD, and maintain a couple of small packages, and perhaps 
once in a while I'll drop in and try to lend a hand with KDE. And if 
anyone ever needs a sponsored upload for anything, send me mail and 
I'll be happy to help ASAP. Also, I've sometimes been a bit lazy about 
documentation, so if there is any anything in the KDE packaging that 
you think I've done, and that you have a question about, don't hesitate 
to ask me about it. There might also be some administrative details 
about the Alioth site, SVN access, etc. that you have questions about. 
Again, just ask!

Cheers and good luck,

P.S. Ana, the new site looks good!
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