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[I'm forwarding this to pkg-kde-talk for general attention and 
discussion. Please follow up there and CC Josselin.]

Hi Josselin,

I did the upload, but other team members did the actual work on this 
whole issue :) So I've forwarded your message to 
pkg-kde-talk at lists.alioth.debian.org, the KDE team's "private" 
discussion list.

Your points seem quite sensible, and teaming up before approaching fd.o 
is also a good idea. Comments anyone?


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I notice you are the one who uploaded the XDG_MENU_PREFIX changes for
KDE. As I was the one to do the same for GNOME, I would like to be sure
we're on the same wavelength about it :)

I notice that currently, we have the same, sane approach: hardcode the
prefix directly in the code. However, I see you have prepared some code
which reads this environment variable if upstream supports it some day.

May I suggest that upstream should *never* support it? At least, not
 the environment variable way. This contradicts directly the Debian
 policy §9.9 and this could never be done in a way that works
 correctly. For example, someone starting gnome-panel in a fvwm session
 wouldn't understand why he'd get empty menus.

The freedesktop guys added this change mostly for distributions
 changing the menu names, like we do, but without asking whether the
 change suited us. I think we should ask them to replace this
 environment with something correctly thought, but it would be better
 to ask the same thing.

What do you think about this?

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