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Sune Vuorela Sune at
Wed Apr 8 21:49:07 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 08 April 2009 20:31:04 Rainer Kluge wrote:
> Ana Guerrero schrieb:
> > - kde-minimal (just rename current kde4-mininal) I am not sure kde-core
> > longer fits.
> > - kde-full (renamed from current kde4) I agree it is clearer than kde.
> The real question is about the need of the kde/kde4/kde-full package with
> all this game stuff and dependencies to almost all debian packages. Why not
> suppress it and rename kde4-minimal to kde?

Exactly because of this debate.

What should be KDE?

The thing that upstream ships as KDE?
The thing that Developer A and Developer B has agreed upon?
The thing that Developer C and Developer D has agreed upon?
Whan when users wants more?

If I was to define what should be installed, I would add:

kdebase-workspace (for the desktop
kdebase (for dolphin, konqueror and such)
kdepim (or at least most of it: kontact, kmail, korga, kaddressbook, akregator 
and kjots)
A few games (maybe kpat and kmines or so)
parts of kdenetwork (at least kopete)
parts of kdemultimedia (at least juk as media player and kmix and something 
for playing cd's)
At least ark, maybe other parts of kdeutils
Maybe a bit more.

But I know other people would disagree.
And shipping what we currently ship as kde-minimal would I very much like to 
not ship as "KDE", as it brings not the full kde experience.


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