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Scott Kitterman debian at
Wed Apr 8 22:56:12 UTC 2009

On Wed, 8 Apr 2009 23:49:07 +0200 Sune Vuorela <Sune at> wrote:
>On Wednesday 08 April 2009 20:31:04 Rainer Kluge wrote:
>> Ana Guerrero schrieb:
>> > - kde-minimal (just rename current kde4-mininal) I am not sure kde-core
>> > longer fits.
>> > - kde-full (renamed from current kde4) I agree it is clearer than kde.
>> The real question is about the need of the kde/kde4/kde-full package with
>> all this game stuff and dependencies to almost all debian packages. Why 
>> suppress it and rename kde4-minimal to kde?
>Exactly because of this debate.
>What should be KDE?
>The thing that upstream ships as KDE?
>The thing that Developer A and Developer B has agreed upon?
>The thing that Developer C and Developer D has agreed upon?
>Whan when users wants more?
>If I was to define what should be installed, I would add:
>kdebase-workspace (for the desktop
>kdebase (for dolphin, konqueror and such)
>kdepim (or at least most of it: kontact, kmail, korga, kaddressbook, 
>and kjots)
>A few games (maybe kpat and kmines or so)
>parts of kdenetwork (at least kopete)
>parts of kdemultimedia (at least juk as media player and kmix and 
>for playing cd's)
>At least ark, maybe other parts of kdeutils
>Maybe a bit more.
>But I know other people would disagree.
>And shipping what we currently ship as kde-minimal would I very much like 
>not ship as "KDE", as it brings not the full kde experience.

I think moving things (like games) that it's nice to provide to recommends, 
so they can be removed without removing the metapackage, will defuse a lot 
of the tension of these discussions.  If it turns out a few too many things 
get added to recommends for some people's tastes, they can just remove them.

Scott K

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