Packaging PythonQt for Qt 5

Sandro Knauß hefee at
Wed Jun 14 20:56:40 UTC 2017


the SVN link actually pointed me to look at who is actually the maintainer of 
pythonqt and saw, that is not Debian KDE Maintainers. It is the QA Team
<packages at>. So that are the people that you need to talk to, 
because only those can add your work. Additonally they may have other rules 
how work should be done.

> Actually uploading to might be better. A pointer to the
> SVN is also not bad.


> Python is definitely not my area, so I'm afraid I can't help here.

mine yes :)

Some general things:
compat level update to 10 ( that should be used nowadays):
 * see man 7 debhelper
with that you can rid of  --parallel ( it is default with v10)
but bumping the compat level is some thing the maintainers of package needs to 
do, it may be circumstances not to bump that. But try it if it builds with v10 
is a good thing to do.
-> would also need you to update to debhelper (>= 10) in control
* also checking the Standards-Version and bumping this is also a task to do 
before uploading a new version.
*are there tests to run / need to build seperatly?
* are the patches will  go upstream? Please use dep3 styple for patches:
I use "quilt header -e --dep3" to create such headers.
* did you checked if there are packagages using the dev packages? If yes, 
there needs to be a transition requested, because all packages needs to 

But still I'm not maintainer of this package, so I can't tell you if they also 
what these changes.

Best Regards,

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