Packaging PythonQt for Qt 5

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Wed Jun 14 21:31:09 UTC 2017

Hi Erik and Sandro,

On Wed, Jun 14, 2017 at 10:56:40PM +0200, Sandro Knauß wrote:
> the SVN link actually pointed me to look at who is actually the maintainer of 
> pythonqt and saw, that is not Debian KDE Maintainers. It is the QA Team
> <packages at>. So that are the people that you need to talk to, 
> because only those can add your work. Additonally they may have other rules 
> how work should be done.

The QA team is a standard maintainer address when the package is orphaned.

Also, as the package is orphaned, there is no reason to stick to the old SVN
repository. You can convert it into git (i.e. with git-svn) and push to
collab-maint or your personal Git namespace.

If you prefer to maintain it under kde-extras team, ask one of the maintainers
to grant you access there.

> Some general things:
> compat level update to 10 ( that should be used nowadays):
>  * see man 7 debhelper
> with that you can rid of  --parallel ( it is default with v10)
> but bumping the compat level is some thing the maintainers of package needs to 
> do, it may be circumstances not to bump that. But try it if it builds with v10 
> is a good thing to do.
> -> would also need you to update to debhelper (>= 10) in control
> * also checking the Standards-Version and bumping this is also a task to do 
> before uploading a new version.
> *are there tests to run / need to build seperatly?
> * are the patches will  go upstream? Please use dep3 styple for patches:
> I use "quilt header -e --dep3" to create such headers.
> * did you checked if there are packagages using the dev packages? If yes, 
> there needs to be a transition requested, because all packages needs to 
> rebuilt...
> But still I'm not maintainer of this package, so I can't tell you if they also 
> what these changes.

Sandro’s comments make sense, please take them into account.

Some comments from me now:

* There are directories with names generated_cpp_5* with C++ files inside.
  If these C++ files are really generated, then the best Debian practice is
  regenerate them before build (I guess we only need the _56 directory).

* Is Python 2 support really needed? Upstream will drop support for Python 2
  soon, and we are going to follow, so new packages can be packaged for
  Python 3 only unless you know there will be applications that want to use
  PythonQt with Python 2. See [1] for details.

* Lintian warns that library package names do not match their SONAMEs.
  The proper package names would be like libpythonqt-qtall-qt5-python3.5-3.

  Since the ABI would break for Python version bumps, I think adding this
  digit makes sense.

  Also, what is the difference between Qt5 and QtAll-Qt5 libraries?
  The package descriptions do not say anything about that.

* Lintian warns about missing symbols files. This is something not much
  important, but in future you may want to use the symbols files to track
  the package ABI changes. pkgkde-symbolshelper [2] may help you with this.

* Lintian warns about duplicate package short names.

* Lintian also warns about missing DEP-5 copyright. The copyright seems to
  be already in DEP-5 format, so you need to just add a Format: line on top.

* There is Doxygen documentation source in the tarball, you may want to add
  a package for it in the future.


Dmitry Shachnev
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