Update of Maintainers line in changelog in QtWebEngine

Sandro Knauß hefee at debian.org
Tue Jun 20 10:06:34 UTC 2017


Many many thanks for starting to updating QtWebEngine Qt 5.9! 

please do not update the maintainers line in d/changelog, if the package is 
not released. You did this both in QtWebEngine - see

First updating the whole line do not need at all will we are in UNRELEASED 
mode and the changes of the maintainers line makes it harder to review /
cherry-pick and is unnecessary clutter in diffs.

Please see https://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/changelogstandard.html and update 
your /etc/devscripts.conf

@Simon: Can you say what happens to replace_gyp_files.py? Is there a new way to 
make the same? Have you done some research about this?

Everything else looks like nice work :) Okay nobody has updated the copyright 
file * sigh*, so I think nobody has cared about this so far :(

Best Regards,

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