[Pkg-libburnia-devel] libisofs

George Danchev danchev at spnet.net
Thu Aug 2 08:52:06 UTC 2012

On Wednesday 01 August 2012 21:28:22 bash.d wrote:
> Hello, George Danchev,
> I would like to help you maintaining the libisofs-package.
> I already replied to the BTS entry, but have not yet received any
> response. If you are interested, please answer me.
> Thank you and regards,

Hi Sebastian, [I added pkg-libburnia-devel@ in CC, where Thomas Schmitt is 
also subscribed]

Thank you for your offer to help, it is really appreciated. It is of course my 
fault of not paying attention close to RFH#679254, but you did it right 
pinging my on private. Thanks!

The three libraries of libburn (RFH#679249), libisofs, and libisoburn 
(RFH#679265) are best to be maintained together, and involve quite some 
interaction with upstream, which is fortunately very responsive and helpful. 
See http://libburnia-project.org for details, and the upstream list is 
libburn-hackers at pykix.org.

For libisofs in particular, there is an effort to complete the hybrid fs part, 
which involves HFS+ (see libisofs/hfsplus*.c|h in bzr) and HFS (no plus) - no 
code yet. ISO9660/HFS hybrid is used for the production of Debian PowerPC 
images, and in order to replace the old and almost unmaintained genisoimage, 
it would be nice to have this one properly implemented, verified and deployed.
(actually these are HFS#630351 and UDF#630863, the latter being a goal in the 
distant future).

The libburnia libraries are covered by in-house test suite called 'releng':
See, README, TODO and CHECKLIST, as well as the code at:

Extending and running this test suite is a good way to build trust that no or 
less regressions would occur.

Then comes the debian-cd task, which is the largest "stress-test suite" for 
xorriso (and resp. libisofs in particular) currently known to us, so it is 
also nice to pay attention to debian-cd BTS record for relevant bugs, the 
debian-cd mailing list for relevant complaints, and debian-cd live logs as 
well: http://cdbuilder.debian.org/cdimage-log/ (also see analysis.html)

Last, but not least, it is also nice to try to help applications which are 
trying to make proper use (or resp. abuse) of libburnia libraries to find their 
way. For instance, see brasero BTS record.

To summarize: there is a plenty of code work, thrice as much testing and bug 
triaging and sorting out (coupled and decoupled) issues or non-issues... and 
I'm pretty sure Thomas can add some more points as well. While it is true that 
libburn/libisofs/libisoburn currently bear almost perfectly clean BTS log 
record, it took, takes, and will take a fair amount of time to preserve this 
state as it is.

So, feel free to pick your niche to contribute to the project :)

pub 4096R/0E4BD0AB <people.fccf.net/danchev/key pgp.mit.edu>

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