[Pkg-libburnia-devel] libisofs

Thomas Schmitt scdbackup at gmx.net
Thu Aug 2 09:47:31 UTC 2012


i am the upstream developer of the libburnia libraries.
Thank you for your interest in libisofs.

George Danchev wrote:
> For libisofs in particular, there is an effort to complete the hybrid fs
> part, which involves HFS+ (see libisofs/hfsplus*.c|h in bzr)
> and HFS (no plus) - no code yet. ISO9660/HFS hybrid is used for the
> production of Debian PowerPC images, and in order to replace the old
> and almost unmaintained genisoimage,

It would have to be examined what hardware boots via HFS+
(afaik Apple Macs, at least) and to find a virtual machine
for Debian amd64 which does this, too.
We failed with qemu-system-ppc. Probably already on BIOS
level, resp. its equivalent for powerpc. (There was also
a problem with mounting on Linux 2.6 -t hfsplus, but that
is solved by release 1.2.4.)

The HFS+ code was contributed by Vladimir Serbinenko (GRUB2
developer) who regrettably now has few time to help with HFS.
But at least he dropped a PDF with specs.
I am healthwise handicapped for the next weeks and cannot sit
at the computer for sincere work.
So i will not be able to start the endeavor of libisofs/hfs.c
soon. (Framework to be derived from joliet.c or hfsplus.c.)

> Last, but not least, it is also nice to try to help applications which are 
> trying to make proper use (or resp. abuse) of libburnia libraries to find
> their way. For instance, see brasero BTS record.

The Brasero bugs give libisofs a bad name.
Some seem only to occur when Brasero uses libisofs, but none of
them is reproducible with my program xorriso which uses libisofs, too.
So we assume that the bugs sit in the Brasero code which coordinates
ISO-formatter and burn software, or possibly inside the libisofs
plugin of Brasero. 

I lack of capabilities to debug Brasero. It needs a maintainer
to whom i can talk or who can tell me where libisofs does not do
what is promised by libisofs/libisofs.h.

One should team up with Ayan George at canonical who seems to
care for Brasero bug reports in Ubuntu.

Have a nice day :)


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