[Pkg-libvirt-maintainers] Bug#572449: should not assume that default SSH user is 'root'

Piotr Lewandowski piotr.lewandowski at gmail.com
Thu Mar 4 10:32:06 UTC 2010

Package: virt-manager
Version: 0.8.3-2
Severity: normal


When there is no user specified in SSH location virt-manager assumes that
'root' is the default user.

$ grep -B3 root /usr/share/virt-manager/virtManager/connect.py
        if conn == CONN_SSH and '@' in host:
            user, host = host.split('@',1)
            user = "root"

IMHO, not only this is counter-intuitive (because when I do `ssh <host>`
the assumed user is my local username) but also encourages bad practices
(login as root only to connect to libvirt's UNIX socket).

If user part is omitted, local username should be used instead.

Piotr Lewandowski

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