FreeBSD 9.1 and Clang

Sylvestre Ledru sylvestre at
Thu Aug 29 09:58:56 UTC 2013


First, I am really sorry for the lag about this message. I missed it :/

On 24/06/2013 16:32, Robert Millan wrote:
> 2013/6/23 Sylvestre Ledru <sylvestre at>:
>>> I would like to ask which versions of clang are expected to be released
>>> with jessie?
>> Clearly, I cannot exactly answer to that question.
>> For now, there are two releases per year.
>> 3.3 just been released. A basic (and probably wrong) estimate could be
>> 3.7 [1].
>>> Also, is there a possibility of clang-3.2 or newer being available
>>> through wheezy-backports?
>> I would prefer the 3.3 if that is OK with you.
> Hi Sylvestre,
> What is your policy for removal of old releases in general?
> One of the reasons we want this is because of the GCC maintainers'
> aggressive policy towards removal of old releases. We've been burnt a
> few times because of a version of GCC we depend on being remove at
> inappropiate time.
I don't really have any policy for now.
I am trying to maintain 2.5 releases of the llvm toolchain in Debian.
Currently, we have:
* 3.2
* 3.3

The 0.5 is for the snapshot release.
For now, I am not really planning to maintain 3 of them (except for the
month or couple of months after an upstream release).

> In general, our needs are determined by what FreeBSD is using for
> their releases (the less we diverge from them, the less trouble for
> us).
> For wheezy, we're considering a backport of kfreebsd 9.1. For this
> version, we could do with clang-3.1 which is what upstream used for
> that release. Is there any chance we can have clang-3.1 in
> wheezy/updates (or wheezy/backports)?
This version is starting to pretty old... :/

> For jessie, it is likely that we'll need clang-3.2 or clang-3.3.
> However it is not clear yet, as it depends on the version that will be
> finally used for newer releases in kfreebsd 9.x series.
Let's say that the llvm community continues at the same pace. We will
probably be at clang 3.5 or 3.6. That is an important difference ... :/

> It is possible to obtain a commitment from you to provide whichever
> version of clang FreeBSD uses for the latest 9.x release at any given
> time? This would basically just imply not removing certain versions
> until FreeBSD has moved on to the next one.
I am not sure to be able to commit to such things for now unfortunately.
As you can imagine, the llvm-toolchain packages are big packages which
can be tricky to maintain...

Anyway, I will keep in mind your needs and I propose you contact me
again once you know what you need (and I will try not skipping your
email :p)


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