FreeBSD 9.1 and Clang

Robert Millan rmh at
Thu Aug 29 13:01:07 UTC 2013

On 29/08/2013 11:58, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
>> For wheezy, we're considering a backport of kfreebsd 9.1. For this
>> version, we could do with clang-3.1 which is what upstream used for
>> that release. Is there any chance we can have clang-3.1 in
>> wheezy/updates (or wheezy/backports)?
> This version is starting to pretty old... :/

I think it's doubtful we'll have a 9.1 backport at this point, given
that we fast-tracked 9.2 in sid/jessie already.

Steven et al: I guess we'll have to revisit this later? 9.2 backport maybe?

>> It is possible to obtain a commitment from you to provide whichever
>> version of clang FreeBSD uses for the latest 9.x release at any given
>> time? This would basically just imply not removing certain versions
>> until FreeBSD has moved on to the next one.
> I am not sure to be able to commit to such things for now unfortunately.
> As you can imagine, the llvm-toolchain packages are big packages which
> can be tricky to maintain...
> Anyway, I will keep in mind your needs and I propose you contact me
> again once you know what you need (and I will try not skipping your
> email :p)

What is certain right now is that clang-3.2 won't be needed for jessie:
Our lowest release candidate is 9.2, which in upstream includes
clang-3.3 already.

Robert Millan

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