Bug#975931: should be fixed with pocl 1.6 ?

Paul Gevers elbrus at debian.org
Mon Feb 1 19:56:39 GMT 2021

Hi Paolo,

On 21-01-2021 16:33, Paolo Greppi wrote:
> pocl 1.6-3 has migrated to testing on 2021-01-13, and upstream declares
> that v1.6 includes "Support for Clang/LLVM 11".

And the autopkgtest doesn't fail anymore indeed.

> Can you try your reproducer now ?

I *expect* it to reproduce the same path as the autopkgtest from
libgpuarray, so I *guess* it's gone there too.

We haven't established yet whether there was a bug in pocl, or if llvm
was to blame.

a compiler (library) should not segfault in this case.
I hope you can shed some light on whether llvm or pocl is to
blame here.

If it was pocl, this bug can be closed.


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