[pkg-lxqt-devel] Bug#907593: Buster: LXQT: No feedback when an app is launched

local10 local10 at tutanota.com
Wed Aug 29 22:11:50 BST 2018

Package: lxqt                          
Version: 27

For some apps (e.g. firefox) it takes a couple of seconds between when the Quick Launch icon is pressed and when the app actually opens its window. Other apps may open relatively quick, in a fraction of a second. Currently LXQT gives no indication that an app is being launched and may lead to confusion, giving the impression that nothing is happening and thus confusing the user into pressing the quick launch icon again. Then, a couple of seconds later, two windows/instances of the same app will open. Generally, this is not what I want.

LXQT should give an indication that an app is being launched,  KDE does this by changing the mouse cursor during the launch phase and LXQT should probably do something similar.


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