Please bump the upstream version of Marco

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz glaubitz at
Mon Aug 17 11:16:18 UTC 2015


While working on Marco yesterday, I ran into the problem that the
archive already contains a newer version than the one that is supposed
to be uploaded to unstable, namely 1.10.1+dfsg1.

Martin removed the dfsg1 suffix as upstream Marco is now DFSG-compliant.
However, what he didn't see is that this effectively lowered the
upstream version number as dpkg --compare-versions considers 1.10.1
a lower version number than 1.10.1+dfsg1 due to the plus sign.

Thus, it won't be possible to upload 1.10.1 as the FTP servers will
automatically reject the package. The only way of getting rid of
the dfsg suffix is to also increase the upstream version to 1.10.2
as 1.10.2 is a higher version number than 1.10.1+dfsg1. It also wouldn't
make any sense really to remove the dfsg suffix from the version number
while not changing the upstream version otherwise as this would imply
that the upstream package became DFSG-compliant without any actual
upstream changes since 1.10.1.

Either way, the upstream version will need to be bumped to 1.10.2.


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