Please bump the upstream version of Marco

Mike Gabriel mike.gabriel at
Wed Aug 19 20:51:21 UTC 2015

Hi Adrian,

On  Mo 17 Aug 2015 13:16:18 CEST, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:

> Hello!
> While working on Marco yesterday, I ran into the problem that the
> archive already contains a newer version than the one that is supposed
> to be uploaded to unstable, namely 1.10.1+dfsg1.
> Martin removed the dfsg1 suffix as upstream Marco is now DFSG-compliant.
> However, what he didn't see is that this effectively lowered the
> upstream version number as dpkg --compare-versions considers 1.10.1
> a lower version number than 1.10.1+dfsg1 due to the plus sign.
> Thus, it won't be possible to upload 1.10.1 as the FTP servers will
> automatically reject the package. The only way of getting rid of
> the dfsg suffix is to also increase the upstream version to 1.10.2
> as 1.10.2 is a higher version number than 1.10.1+dfsg1. It also wouldn't
> make any sense really to remove the dfsg suffix from the version number
> while not changing the upstream version otherwise as this would imply
> that the upstream package became DFSG-compliant without any actual
> upstream changes since 1.10.1.
> Either way, the upstream version will need to be bumped to 1.10.2.
> Adrian

Please let's not depend on any upstream action here.

We can simply upload this marco version as (e.g.) 1.10.1+unmodified-1  
(or such) and prepare the next release in Git already (with  
+unmodified dropped in changelog, watch and rules).


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