Bug#826090: mate-terminal broken after todays upgrade (debian testing)

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz glaubitz at physik.fu-berlin.de
Thu Jun 2 21:08:15 UTC 2016

On 06/02/2016 08:37 PM, Le Déchaîné wrote:
> I'm using debian testing on my desktop with apt-listbugs installed.
> apt-listbugs prevents me from installing broken things... at least,
> when Adrian doesn't close useful bug reports.

This was not a useful bug report - at all. You are not telling me news.

>> Again, I DO NOT CARE. Testing is TESTING. Not "use on production machine".
> After doing update/upgrade/dist-upgrade for 5-6 months almost every
> day (which meant installing and upgrading, surprisingly, tens of
> thousands of packages), this is the FIRST time this happened. So, you
> should reconsider your personal, original definition of "testing".

I do not care about your personal use case. You are not entitled to
get any personal assistance from anyone. This is free software and I
am spending my personal free time to do these things. You don't get
to decide how I spend my time unless you pay me for it.

>> Yes, I know. I'm an idiot and I have no business in doing anything with
> computers.
> If you want to ban everyone posting bugs in debian testing, therefore
> dangerously rendering apt-listbugs USELESS and making testing unstable
> or even broken because "it's just testing", you have no business in
> doing anything with testing, stick to unstable.

I still don't care. Your bug reports aren't contributing anything. In fact,
they are keeping us from doing useful things. Again, read the name
of the distribution it's called "TESTING".

> Anyway, forget it: Back to the subject, waiting one week for 1.14,
> thanks everyone.

That's the only correct thing to do. I'm glad you finally understood.

Thank You!

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