Bug#826090: mate-terminal broken after todays upgrade (debian testing)

Le Déchaîné ledechaine at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 23:37:25 UTC 2016

No problem, Mike.
That is, as long as apt-listbugs tells others that pluma (etc) won't install.
But Adrian is even against this. Which is both incomprehensible and childish.

Anyway, I've said everything I had to say.
Thank you all, goodbye!

2016-06-02 18:56 UTC−04:00, Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel at das-netzwerkteam.de>:
> On  Fr 03 Jun 2016 00:36:09 CEST, Le Déchaîné wrote:
>> 2016-06-02 17:08 UTC−04:00, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz
>> <glaubitz at physik.fu-berlin.de>:
>>> On 06/02/2016 08:37 PM, Le Déchaîné wrote:
>> I don't care about you either, but I care about Debian. You don't.
>> You know what I meant. The thousands of packages in testing worked and
>> installed flawlessly because they were maintained flawlessly by people
>> who actually cared about Debian or AT LEAST cared about telling people
>> the updates were buggy before installing them via bug reports or what
>> you call "hacks". Even if it's "testing". But you're such a
>> pretentious bastard that even letting people know you made a mistake
>> is something you can't even comprehend so you prefer sending broken
>> packets to everyone, telling them it's their fault, AND closing bug
>> reports about your mistakes because everyone else is stupid -- except
>> you, obviously.
> Please exchange such harsh words on a private channel, if needed, but
> not in public. Find back to politeness, folks.
> Alas, the one who uploaded MATE 1.14 (and did not care about blocking
> bugs) (but now does) was me.
> Sorry for the inconvenience. Handling bundle uploads is not always
> simple. But such reactions actually make me think that someone else
> should continue on maintaining MATE in Debian (Martin Wimpress has
> done most of the packaging, I have done reviews + uploads for MATE 1.8
> - 1.14).
> Please really consider your tone, folks!
> light+love
> Mike
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