Bug#826090: mate-terminal broken after todays upgrade (debian testing)

John Paul Adrian Glaubitz glaubitz at physik.fu-berlin.de
Fri Jun 3 19:56:51 UTC 2016

On 06/03/2016 09:50 PM, Le Déchaîné wrote:
> Well, you've done way more damage than me: I haven't broken any packages.

People who don't touch anything, also cannot break anything.

Furthermore, there was NOTHING broken - at ALL.

> I tried to help by warning others, you cried like a baby. And instead
> of leaving legitimate bug reports alone, which would have cost you
> zero seconds, you spent hours of your life telling me, a random
> stranger, how oh so valuable was your spare time.

Are you feeling bored that you have to keep annoy others?

> I get it: Bug reports for Mate are worthless, and Mate is worthless
> because you are. So, for all your "help" for "mate": Fuck off. Signed,
> an actual user. You know, because people use testing, and you "work"
> for testing.

I don't need script kiddies like you to write bug reports. Your bug
report is - again - useless. Learn to write bug reports, it is
documented in many places.

> Oh, "god help us all", you contribute to systemd too. That's scary.

Haha, I can't believe it but it always seem to be the same uninformed
idiots who are attacking systemd. You can basically bet on it. Hilarious!

> I hope everyone seeing this will roll up their sleeves and get you
> banned from "testing" because of your "unstable" mentality. That's
> all.

You're funny because you don't understand how Debian works. There
is no such thing as banning me from testing.

> Now I got it, I'll spend my precious spare time doing more useful
> things than talking to you, like, everything else. Farewell.

How about you actually start contributing to open source yourself?

What have you been contributing to except for annoying others?


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