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John Paul Adrian Glaubitz glaubitz at
Mon May 5 17:26:46 UTC 2014

On 05/05/2014 04:59 PM, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> we are close to completing the initial upload of MATE to Debian
> unstable/testing. \o/

Very cool. So Jessie will ship with Mate! Awesome!

> The last package I am currently breeding on is the meta src:package
> (containing several meta bin:packages).
> My current draft provides
>    mate-desktop-environment-core (was: mate-core)
>    mate-desktop-environment
>    mate-desktop-environment-extras (was: mate-desktop-environment-extra)

I like the more consistent and cleaner naming scheme!

> I also would love to provide one more meta package:
>    mate-desktop-environment-full (or similar name)

Such package is always helpful, especially when installing multiple
desktops and window managers in enterprise environments.

>    -> Provide non-MATE dependencies like libreoffice, gimp,
> <video-player>, etc. ----> see next question!!!

You mean these get installed by installing mate-desktop

>     Web browser -> iceweasel (?)
>     Mail reader -> icedove (?)
>     Video player -> totem (?)
>     Office suite -> libreoffice (?)
>     ... etc. ... (gimp, inkscape, ...)

I don't like the idea of pulling in so much third party software
when installing a package called "mate-desktop-environment-full".

None of these are related to Mate and as a user, I wouldn't expect
LibreOffice to be installed when installing a desktop environment,
even when installing the complete desktop.

How about working with generic packages like x-www-browser? Wouldn't
that work as well?

We should peek at the GNOME meta package for that and, in any case,
should keep Mate lean and clean.


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