Bug#751944: mate-control-center: mate-appearance-properties depends on marco-common

Ron ron at debian.org
Wed Jun 18 06:49:03 UTC 2014

Package: mate-control-center
Version: 1.8.1+dfsg1-3
Severity: normal


So I've just done another install of mate, this time a very minimal one
in a VM, using the wheezy-backports packages.

As I mentioned with the last one of these, I still like to use sawfish
as the wm, so I don't have marco installed.  On this one, I don't need
any audio support either so I didn't install mate-media-gstreamer, which
you fixed the marco dep on in #750456.  Which means nothing else pulled
in marco-common on this one ...

Without that, it appears I can't run mate-appearance-properties:

 $ mate-appearance-properties 

 (mate-appearance-properties:11651): GLib-GIO-ERROR **: Settings schema 'org.mate.Marco.general' is not installed

 Trace/breakpoint trap

(which I only really wanted to change the green stripes background to
 something a little more subdued :)

Installing marco-common appears to fix this.

Ideally it would be nice if it still worked without needing that
(I really do like that mate mostly still lets me install only what
I actually need on a particular system without dozens of apps that
I absolutely don't), but as-is it's just a missing dep.


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