Bug#751535: here is a picture of having maximize, minimize and close buttons of both iceweasel and nautilus

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Fri Jun 20 13:49:56 UTC 2014

at bottom :-

On 6/17/14, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz at physik.fu-berlin.de> wrote:
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> Hi!
> The screenshots you attached do not show any irregular behavior. Please
> provide a more accurate description of the problem and mark the areas
> in question in the screenshots if necessary.
> Please also note that Nautilus is not native to MATE since it is a
> GTK3 application. If you prefer using Nautilus as a file manager,
> I'd rather recommend using GNOME as your desktop of choice. GTK3
> applications will always look a bit ugly on MATE until MATE has been
> ported to GTK3.
> Adrian
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Hi John,
I finally found out what is/was happening. What happens is in the case
of Iceweasel and nautilus both, when I sign into a new session and
start iceweasel or nautilus they are in maximized mode and more often
that not the three buttons are missing. The workaround I was able to
come up to get the minimize, maximize and close buttons to show is to
right click on the app. on the bottom panel ( I think it's called
application list panel or was called something similar in

Right-click on the application and select Unmaximize, the moment I do
that the three buttons appear. If I click Maximize after that, then it
adjusts so that maximize, minimize and close buttons are visible to
the user (i.e. me) for the session. Now I do not know whether it's due
to mate being gtk2 and the apps. being gtk3 as pointed by you above or
some issue with mate and X or whatever. At least there is a workaround
available and it works.

You could downgrade the bug or something. It's something I can live
with now that I have a workaround that works. I took 2-3 days to see
if the workaround persisted between session hence didn't answer back
quickly. Sorry about that.

Looking forward to your response.

Till l8er.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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