[Pkg-monitoring-maintainers] monitoring scripts

Russell Coker russell+debian at coker.com.au
Sun Apr 30 12:36:25 UTC 2017

The mon and mon-contrib packages have monitor scripts that return 0 when 
everything is ok.  When there is an error they return non-zero and give plain 
text explaining the problem to stdout.  This is such an obvious way to do 
things on a Unix system that surely others have done the same thing.

Do we have a list of packages that have such monitoring scripts?

Should we work towards a common place to store such scripts so that different 
monitoring packages could share them?  I don't want to waste time writing 
scripts to probe IMAP servers etc if someone else has already written them - 
and possibly written them to test for error conditions I haven't thought of 


At the above Wiki page I've documented the mon configuration directories.  The 
overall mon wiki documentation is still at early stages (it's massively 
inadequate if you want to have a useful working system) but has enough about 
this for a discussion.

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