[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Bug#908158: Bug#908158: webext-ublock-origin: xul-ext-ublock-origin and webext-ublock-origin should co-exist

Carsten Schoenert c.schoenert at t-online.de
Fri Sep 7 15:48:07 BST 2018

Am 07.09.18 um 12:03 schrieb Mykola Nikishov:
> ... and I'm trying to make use of such flexibility. For smooth migration
> I'd like to use current firefox-esr/stable and
> xul-ext-ublock-origin/stable while moving to firefox/unstable with
> webext-ublock-origin/unstable (whatever unstable might be at the
> moment).

You seems to forget that xul-ext-* packages will not get updated in the
stable distribution! They will stay there until the end of the stretch
release. And they are only relevant until FF 52esr. Also the content of
the packages would be same.

There is absolutely no need to keep the old XUL based packages alive! We
don't care about the current FF 52esr in testing, it will go away in a
short time.

Also in stable-security FF 52esr will get updated to 60esr in the next days.

> As I understand, there are no technical problems having both
> xul-ext-ublock-origin and webext-ublock-origin installed. And even for
> the same Firefox profile, both FF ESR and FF would just ignore
> unsupported one.
> Having said that, I think Breaks: constraint could be relaxed.

No, we win nothing on this. It's more packaging work for no real gain
given the real short span of time FF 52esr will alive.

Carsten Schoenert

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