[Pkg-mozext-maintainers] Bug#908898: ublock-origin: debian/watch does not work correctly

Sven Joachim svenjoac at gmx.de
Sat Sep 15 17:39:36 BST 2018

Source: ublock-origin
Version: 1.16.14+dfsg-2

The regex used in debian/watch is too simplistic, upstream has made
releases for legacy Firefox versions which uscan prefers now:

| $ uscan --verbose
| uscan info: uscan (version 2.18.4) See uscan(1) for help
| uscan info: Scan watch files in .
| uscan info: Check debian/watch and debian/changelog in .
| uscan info: package="ublock-origin" version="1.16.14+dfsg-2" (as seen in debian/changelog)
| uscan info: package="ublock-origin" version="1.16.14+dfsg" (no epoch/revision)
| uscan info: ./debian/changelog sets package="ublock-origin" version="1.16.14+dfsg"
| uscan info: Process watch file at: debian/watch
|     package = ublock-origin
|     version = 1.16.14+dfsg
|     pkg_dir = .
| uscan info: opts: repacksuffix=+dfsg,dversionmangle=s/\+(repack|dfsg|ds|deb)\d*$//
| uscan info: line: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases .*/archive/(.*)\.tar\.gz
| uscan info: Parsing repacksuffix=+dfsg
| uscan info: Parsing dversionmangle=s/\+(repack|dfsg|ds|deb)\d*$//
| uscan info: line: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases .*/archive/(.*)\.tar\.gz
| uscan info: Last orig.tar.* tarball version (from debian/changelog): 1.16.14+dfsg
| uscan info: Last orig.tar.* tarball version (dversionmangled): 1.16.14
| uscan info: Requesting URL:
|    https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases
| uscan info: Matching pattern:
|    (?:(?:https://github.com)?\/gorhill\/uBlock\/releases)?.*/archive/(.*)\.tar\.gz
| uscan info: Found the following matching hrefs on the web page (newest first):
|    /gorhill/uBlock/archive/firefox-legacy- (firefox-legacy- index=firefox-legacy- 
|    /gorhill/uBlock/archive/firefox-legacy- (firefox-legacy- index=firefox-legacy- 
|    /gorhill/uBlock/archive/firefox-legacy- (firefox-legacy- index=firefox-legacy- 
|    /gorhill/uBlock/archive/1.16.21rc0.tar.gz (1.16.21rc0) index=1.16.21rc0-1 
|    /gorhill/uBlock/archive/1.16.21b7.tar.gz (1.16.21b7) index=1.16.21b7-1 
|    /gorhill/uBlock/archive/1.16.20.tar.gz (1.16.20) index=1.16.20-1 
|    /gorhill/uBlock/archive/1.16.18.tar.gz (1.16.18) index=1.16.18-1 
|    /gorhill/uBlock/archive/1.16.16.tar.gz (1.16.16) index=1.16.16-1 
|    /gorhill/uBlock/archive/1.16.14.tar.gz (1.16.14) index=1.16.14-1 
|    /gorhill/uBlock/archive/1.16.12.tar.gz (1.16.12) index=1.16.12-1 
| uscan info: Looking at $base = https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/releases with
|     $filepattern = .*/archive/(.*)\.tar\.gz found
|     $newfile     = /gorhill/uBlock/archive/firefox-legacy-
|     $newversion  = firefox-legacy- which is newer than
|     $lastversion = 1.16.14+dfsg
| uscan info: Matching target for downloadurlmangle: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/archive/firefox-legacy-
| uscan info: Upstream URL(+tag) to download is identified as    https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/archive/firefox-legacy-
| uscan info: Filename (filenamemangled) for downloaded file: firefox-legacy-
| uscan: Newest version of ublock-origin on remote site is firefox-legacy-, local version is 1.16.14+dfsg
|  (mangled local version is 1.16.14)
| uscan:    => Newer package available from
|       https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/archive/firefox-legacy-

Obviously this is not what we want, since this is not the latest version
(and not even a valid version).  This particular problem should be easy
to fix, but versions like 1.16.21b7 and 1.16.21rc0 also need some
mangling to turn them into 1.16.21~b7 and 1.16.21~rc0, respectively.

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